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Swim England Winter Championships Report.

Winter Meet Summation:

78 personal best performances across the 3 days 
22 Millfield SC records broken 
8 Medals across the 3 days (4xGold, 1xSilver, 3xBronze)

Day 1 (Frantic Friday 14th December)

The time had come for the Millfield swimming community to capitalise on all their hard work that they had put in during the course of the autumn term. The students up first to showcase their talent on day 1 were Clement Kubica, Abbie Hurst, Sophia Wilson, David O’Loughlin, Tom Gambold, Brodie Williams, Ioan Evans, Rachel Anderson, Will Ellington, SP McGowan, Calvin Fry, Polly Painter, Astrid Hannah, Izzy Renwick, Davide Airoli and Wyatt Walsh. 

The students did not disappoint with some exceptional swimming across the board. Below is a summation of the best times achieved during the morning heats. Clement Kubica (Y11) smashing his lifetime best in the 50m freestyle, David O’Loughlin (Y9) having a huge drop in his 200m backstroke, William Ellington (Y11) setting PB’s in both the 50m Breaststroke and 100m Fly, Calvin Fry (Y10) putting in some incredible best performances in the 100m FLY & 100m IM, Izzy Renwick (Y10) dipping below the 30 barrier for the first time in the 50m Backstroke, Wyatt Walsh (Y10) showing huge progress under the guidance of Coach Clarke to set a lifetime best in the 100m IM, Ioan Evans (L6) setting a PB in the 200m BK to make the open B final.

Finals came around and we had the following students in action, Brodie Williams (200m BK), Ioan Evans (200m BK), Sophia Wilson (200m IM), Will Ellington (50m BR). Ioan Evan improved on his best time from the morning heats to finish in a time of 2.00.01, so close to the magical 2.00 barrier, a real signal of intent for the LC season ahead. Brodie Williams the local legend smashed his lifetime best to set a new school record, in process finishing 3rd in the open 200m BK in a time of 1.52.54. Sophia Wilson showed her true competitive instinct and GRIT in the B final of the 200m IM event, Sophia setting her 2nd fastest time of her swimming career to finish in an impressive 2.15.34. Will Ellington finished the evening off with a double dip performance in the 50m Breaststroke, improving on his time from the morning to finish 10th in the open age B final. 

We had the following medal winners on Day 1: 

Brodie Williams 200m Backstroke Open Age 3rd 
Calvin Fry 2nd Place in the Junior 100m IM 
Calvin Fry 3rd Place in the Junior 100m Fly 
William Ellington 3RD in the Junior 50m Breaststroke

Quote from coach Clarke on his first experience of coaching the junior boys at a national swimming championships: 

“I was very impressed with the professionalism and proactiveness of all the swimmers throughout the day. For some of the boys it was their first swims at this level and they were un-phased as they followed their processes: before, during and after their races. It is exciting to see the fruits of the boy’s labour, as they smashed their way through the water”


Day 2 (Speed Saturday 15th of December)

Day 2 of the meet came around and storm Deidre was threatening, for the Millfield team it was a storm of FAST swimming on the cards. During the heats sessions we had the following students competing, Clement Kubica, Dimi Tsaialiakos, Wyatt Walsh, Will Ellington, Polly Painter, Sophia Wilson, Rachel Anderson, Calvin Fry, David O’Loughlin, Ioan Evans, Tom Gambold, Bordie Williams, SP McGowen, Abbie Hurst and Izzy Renwick. 

The students continued their run of excellence with some outstanding lifetime best performances throughout the morning session. First up were the boys in the 100m breaststroke, it is fair to say that Clement (Y11), Dimi (Y9), Wyatt (Y10) and Will (Y11) absolutely smashed the field all setting huge personal bests. Will Ellington (Y11) swimming a time of 1.03 to take the junior title. Rachel Anderson (L6) stepped up in the girls 200m backstroke to post a school record time of 2.10.0 to set herself up for a battle in the open final tonight. Dimi (Y9) fresh from a huge PB in the 100m BR continued this form into the 200m IM to set another best time. Medallist Calvin Fry (Y10) used the outside lane to surprised his heat to finish in another best time of 2.10.8. The boys 50m Backstroke was up next, in one of the performances of the weekend David O’Loughlin (Y9) smashed his PB to swim 25.8, to put that into perspective that is the fastest ever recorded by a 14-year-old boy. Calvin Fry (Y10) also set a PB in the same event recording a time of 27.55. Senior Tom Gambold (U6) and Brodie Williams (OM) both swam with class and conviction to make the senior A final, Tom smashing his PB by over a second to record a time of 25.49. Next personal best was Will Ellington (Y11) who posted a time of 2.06.34 in the 200m Fly to conclude his busy but successful morning. Clement Kubica (Y11) & Brodie Williams (OM) both took to the pool to compete in the blue ribbon 100m freestyle event, both setting huge personal bests and Brodie putting his name in the mix making it to the A final. To finish off the morning session we had the multi talented Izzy Renwick (Y10) in the 100m IM, she took the race by the scruff of neck to post a huge performance of 1.05.57

Finalist for the second day of competition was a busy one for the Millfield crew, we had Davide Arioli (1500m FR A Final), Rachel Anderson (200m BK A Final), David O’Loughlin (50m BK B Final), Brodie Williams (50m BK A Final), Tom Gambold (50m BK A Final), Abbie Hurst (50m BR B Final), Brodie Williams (100m FR A Final). The Italian stallion Davide put in a season best performance in the 1500m to swim a time of 15.24.74 to finish 7th overall. Rachel Anderson the multi stroke powerhouse was primed and ready for her 200m backstroke, she showed strength in the backend of her race to drop the school record even further to post a time of 2.09.17 to finish 7th overall in the event. Next up was the speed boys in the 50m Backstroke, David was the youngest in the finals by 2 years and did himself justice posting a time of 26.01, both Brodie & Tom stepped up from the heats to finish 4th & 8th respectively in times of 24.94 & 25.43. The natural and infection personality of Abbie Hurst (U6) was up next in the 50m Breaststroke B final, she took the lessons from the heats to post a new lifetime best with some awesome free swim speed to finish 8th in time of 32.30. Final race of the heat was Brodie in the 100m freestyle, he continued to show his underwater skills to finish 9th in the A final in time of 49.34. 

We had the following medal winners on Day 2: 

William Ellington 1st Place 100m Breaststroke Junior  
David O’Loughlin 1st Place 50m Backstroke Junior  

Quote from Coach Rhodes who spent the day in the priming pit: 

“I’ve been really impressed with the way our athletes have prepared for their races. Its great to see some of them becoming more process focused and reaping the rewards because of this.”


Day 3 (Sunday Fun Day 16th of December)

The final day of the meet came around and the team were in their usual mind-set of day 1 philosophy. Treat everyday with the intensity and vulnerability of day 1 and you will back end the meet better than anyone else. The following students were ready to take scalps on the last days of the meet, Polly Painter, Rachel Anderson, Sophia Wilson, David O’Loughlin, Davide Arioli, Jacob St Germain, Calvin Fry, Williams Ellington, Jess Podger, Clement Kubica, Ioan Evans, Izzy Renwick, Astird Hannah, Brodie Williams, Tom Gambold, Wyatt Walsh, Dimi Tsaliagkos. 

It was Sunday Funday and students continued with their positive but professional mind-set throughout the morning sessions. Below is a summation of the lifetime best performances. First up was the multi talented David O’Loughlin (Y9), he stroked his way to a new PB in the 400m IM to touch in a time of 4.46.56. Calvin Fry (Y10) who had been on fire across the meet didn’t disappoint in the 50m Fly, posting a time of 25.35 to smash his PB and be the only junior to make the finals, thus becoming junior champion in the process. Jacob St Germain (U6) in his first national appearance managed to control his nerves and match his best ever performance to qualify for the B final in the 50m Fly. Jess Podger (L6) had come to Sheffield just for the 200m freestyle and she was sure to let everyone know that she had arrived, Jess stormed it from lane 1 to set a huge PB and qualify for the open B final in a time of 2.01.78. It was the turn of the men in the 100m backstroke, David O’Loughlin (Y9), Tom Gambold (U6) and Brodie Williams (OM) all posting new personal bests. David who had a busy morning with 3 events in total finished his morning with the 100m BK finishing in a time of 58.53. Tom continued his run of form to touch home in a great time of 56.10, Brodie who was full guns blazing in the morning heats finished in a new Millfield club record of 52.27. In the girls 100m BK we had Izzy Renwick (Y10) smash her heat apart to swim a huge PB of 1.04.13. Sophia Wilson (L6) was next up and she also stormed through the back half of her race and finish in a lifetime best of 1.02.69. The final individual event of the morning session was the men’s 200m breaststroke, Wyatt Walsh (Y10) was using the speed of the outside lane to surprise his heat to touch home in a PB time of 2.28.11, this concluded a fantastic first national for the up and coming youngster. Dimi (Y9), the determined Greek, managed to storm another race, he came through the field to touch home in a truly impressive 2.22.49. Final race of the morning was the in form William Ellington (Y11), he managed to pace his race to perfection, powering through the 2nd half of the race to come home in a huge 2.17.30. Will was the only junior to make the finals and as a result he became the junior champion for the 2nd time. 

Onto the final session and it was a case of last one fast one! First up we had the female power houses in the form of Sophia Wilson & Rachel Anderson in the B final of the 400m IM. Both Sophia and Rachel managed to push through the pain to set season bests, Sophia pushed through the field to finish in a very impressive 4.45.00, Rachel took the lessons from the morning heat to post an excellent time of 4.51.03. Then was the speed of the boys 50m fly next, junior champion Calvin Fry didn’t disappoint with an impressive 25.42, Jacob St Germain was ready to rumble in his first national final, he stormed out the block using his unbelievable power to set a lifetime best of 24.63. Jess Podger fresh from her best time in the heats pushed through despite some long walls to finish in a time of 2.02.34. Rachel Anderson was straight out the 400m IM final into the B final of the 100m Backstroke, she stormed through the 2nd half of the race using her UW prowess to win the B final in a time of 1.00.98. The last race of the meet was Will Ellington in the 200m breaststroke final, he was going to be crowned the junior champion as he was the junior in the finals, the question on everyone’s lips was weather he could break the British junior record, he came flying out the block and put his heart and sole on the line. Will finished in a time of 2.16.78 just 1 tenth outside of the British record, a truly great performance to finish off a great week for Will Ellington. 

We had the following medal winners on Day 3: 

William Ellington 1st Place 200m Breaststroke Junior  
Calvin Fry 1st Place 50m Fly Junior  

Quote from Director of Swimming Euan Dale:
“Swim England have put on a great show and it has been great to see our students step up at the end of a long term and deliver some truly outstanding results. It has made me so proud to see the developments of both the swimmers and staff during this 3-day meet. This will provide a fantastic opportunity to think and reflect on where we are at and what needs to be done moving forward to be at our best for the long course season”