Millfield Swimming News

Somerset County Championships 2019

26th/27th January, 2nd/3rd February & 9/10 February at Millfield School

The swimming community of Millfield School came together, to embrace the opportunity which was being given to them by Somerset ASA, to reap the rewards (by way of posting new best times) of their recent weeks of diligent, focused training. Bravely defying any fears that may have evolved following missed training sessions to allow for recovery form persistent winter bugs, athlete after athlete took to the blocks, demonstrating new best performances and inching the Millfield points total ever higher. This year’s 2936 (40% of the total point available) surpassing 2016’s 2734.5 (33%) and 2018’s 2592 (36%) to highlight the increased strength in depth of the swimming programme.


With a programme change this year, seeing the excitement of ALL the relays packed into 2 afternoons, Millfield’s inclusive teams involved 52 athletes aspiring to achieve podium places. The passion to perform well was persistently evident as again and again teammates raised their game to support their peers. In addition to retaining the Under 14 Relay Cup, Millfield’s teams accrued 1 third, 1 second and 17 first places. It was great to watch athletes balancing revision and school work with racing.


During competition, the published results document individual event placings, but for the developing athlete, more important (than placing) is the ability to (self) reflect on competitive performances, celebrate improvements and set targets to ensure further progress is possible.
Year 9 swimmers achieved PBs in 76% of their races.


Rachel Anderson took the 2nd longest standing Girls School Record with 17:16.87 in the 1500m freestyle (stood since 2008 – Kimberley Rowles 17:32.82)

New County Records were achieved by:
• Davide Arioli 1500m freestyle
• David O’Loughlin 50m backstroke
• Tatiana Tostevin (Polly Painter) 100 backstroke
• Rhiannon Evans 50m butterfly
• Calvin Fry 200m Individual Medley, 50 freestyle
• Jakob Goodman 200m freestyle
• Matt Hall 100m backstroke
• Lily Booker 400m Individual Medley, 200 Individual Medley & 50 breaststroke
• Tatiana Tostevin (Polly Painter, Alice Gouldby & Isabella Renwick) 50m backstroke

Overall the 3 weekends were a huge success and highlighted the progress both Millfield Senior and Millfield Prep School are making across all age groups. The diversity of events and strength each pupil showed, is also testament to the approach the Swimming Department at Millfield School take everyday in the training environment. This approach is to help develop overall skill and stroke technique across all four strokes.

From Somerset Counties, we look to further the pupils experience by focusing on key target swim meets towards the end of the term, such as: ‘Millfield & Street TYR Swim Meet’ and the ‘British Championships’. We have a total of 31 pupils that have qualified for the British Championships, or their home country equivalent which is a huge success in itself. This event takes place from the 16-21st April in Glasgow. We wish all the pupils the very best in their preparation for these events and we will be reporting on the results as they come in.