Millfield Swimming News

The Millfield, Taunton and Street Meet at the start of December, is a last chance to achieve qualifying times before the County Championships in January 2019. As such, it is always well attended, and this year was no different. The busy morning warm up was densely populated with green hats, physiologically preparing, as others engaged in dry land activities or assisted the coaching staff, highlighting the dozens of Millfield representatives listed in the morning programme.

The contagiousness of the buzz of energy for morning one attracted additional coaches to observe the excitement; with 9 members of the coaching team in attendance, and a cameo from the Director of Sport, swimmers began to rise to the occasion. Wyatt W’s goal during recent races has been to break the elusive 2:00 mark in his 200m freestyle. Following race evaluation at the Team Bath Meet, Wyatt’s process for this 200m free was to control his first 100m and really attack on the 3rd 50m. Thankfully, the programme of events this weekend meant that Wyatt approached the race whilst fresher, following some exemplary efforts during training, which resulted in an outstanding 4 second drop, bringing goosebumps to Coach Clarke.

Tom S and Storm W flexed their muscles to help keep the Millfield masses fueled, bringing the lunches to the team. Tom also made some great progress with his breaststroke streamlining before his 100m IM, after experimenting during swim down with one of Coach Waddingham’s mini bands to help him to snap his elbows together.

In the afternoon session, Rhiannon E continued to demonstrate the back-end strength and self-belief that had earned her a place in ‘the sub-60 100m free club’ at the Team Bath Meet. She powered away from the field during the 3rd 50m, dropping 6 secs from her previous 200m butterfly and narrowly missing a new best time.

The most recent addition to the coaching team, Matt Puddy, was excited to feel so welcomed to the Millfield Family. He loved that Millfield Prep and Senior staff and swimmers worked so closely together to create a great team unity. Coach Puddy commented that he enjoyed the coach-athlete feedback dynamic; the information and direction being tailored to the athlete’s age and swimming experience, creating a motivation amongst the swimmers, driving them to do what is best for them and achieve their best racing result.


Jazz C – having lots of Millfield swimmers in one heat led to extra adrenaline
Alex B – excited over day 1 of Advent and my Peppa Pig calendar
Rhiannon E – good to see race improvements from 2 weeks ago

Wyatt W - spending time with my sister 
Chichi O - racing friends in the 100 breaststroke

Coach Clark - Alex F demonstrating sportsmanship by helping a competitor to adjust their block
Anthony D - nice to get up to the dining hall to have warm food between races 
Sarah S - everything has been good about this morning; I have no highlight. I enjoyed being able   to race 

Rigas L – spending time with my parents, who have come to watch me race 
Jaime M – getting to race a new event; 100 IM is fun 
Rahaf E – getting to swim the 50m free twice because of a technical issue