Millfield Swimming News

Millfield & Street TYR Super Series


Coinciding with the opening of the National Qualification Window, the Millfield and Street Super Series had proven popular with the swimming community, with the Meet being oversubscribed. Parents pulled together, putting in long hours to support the athletes in various ways, be it planning the meet, officiating or volunteering on the day or marshalling the swimmers to their races. 

After session one Director Dale was enjoying the “unbelievably exciting opening morning to our most competitive Super Series to date, with Millfield athletes rising to the challenge and representing their school with pride”

The Millfield heart was on full display when year 10 students took over the microphone for an impromptu version of ‘Happy Birthday’ to help Gemma Peters celebrate her special day.












A popular feature of Super Series Meets are the ‘Hot Heat’ spot prizes; this weekend, senior squad swimmers helped to share the excitement (which escalated when Coach Waddingham found his musical accompaniment) and rewarded the thrilled winners. Jakob immersed himself into his role by wearing a Super cape, as he ‘flew’ around poolside. 

Coach Waddingham enjoyed seeing “senior swimmers being role models and guiding younger athletes through pre-race protocols.” This led to younger athletes being curious around the science of pre-race timelines, leading to intelligent, inquisitive conversations and improved physiological understanding.

With 9 additional weekends before the Window closes, swimmers rationally reflected of stellar performances, whilst concurrently looking for their next training focus, to allow continued improvement. With coach and peer support, athletes assessed their races kinaesthetically, numerically and visually. Coach Aldington appreciated this “ownership of split, technical and stroke rate data that can now be used during training, to make sessions excitingly even more individually focused.” 


With many swimmers currently committed to heavy training prior to the British Championships, the abundance of green times (personal bests) appearing on Meet Mobile’s results was not only warmly welcomed, but enviously observed by other competitors. Highlights included 3 new school records by Rachel Anderson (400m & 800m freestyle) and William Ellington (100m breaststroke). Coach Puddy noted the fast swimming being achieved by those with the largest smiles and athletes that had dedicated themselves to the training cycle.

A great weekend to end the Spring Term. Congratulations to all.