Millfield Swimming News

Millfield prep school swimmers set off from school at 2.30pm on Friday all excited for the day ahead. All children had just finished their exams so there was a sense of relief from all as they got to relax and chat on the coach journey down to London.

The team of consisted of 30 swimmers from years 4-8, including; Adam Graham, Adam White, Alex Major-Olszewski, Annabelle Suffield, Bianca Gomez Velasco, Caleb Gifford-Groves, Chizara Elechi, Connor Meyers, Daniel Pearce, Francesca Woollard, Frankie Hatchard, Gabby Relton, George Charman, Georgina Hawkins, Grace Olding, James Towers, Joshua Seager, Leo Ferguson, Noah Wilkins, Oliver Newing, Oscar Ryland-Day, Phoebe Armes, Pippa Charleson, Richard Jenkins, Richard Towers, Sofia Knight, Sydney Boyde, Taylor Powell, Tilly Anderton, Zac Cooper.

The team had a quick pit stop at Fleet services for supper where swimmers set off in pairs to pick their dinner. No fast food was chosen with all swimmers making good choices in preparation for next day’s racing.

Once in the hotel swimmers where split into rooms and settled in for the night, with some swimmers dropping off to sleep straight away with others using their down time to relax and chat. Lights out varied for all year groups however all swimmers were quite or asleep from 9. Coaches were in supervising the dorms ensuring the kids were behaving themselves.

In the morning swimmers were woken up by a phone call from coaches which they enjoyed with the girls heading down to breakfast first. Breakfast consisted of a buffet with full English, cereals, yogurt & fruit. Again, the swimmers chose well and fuelled themselves for the racing ahead. 

The girls were first to set off for the London Aquatic Centre with Helen & Miss A.

The girls had an awesome swim session with the year 8 girls relays taking gold in both the 4x25m medley and freestyle relays.

The year 7 girls taking bronze in the 4 x 25m medley and freestyle relays.

Our very own ponytail gang (year 6 girls) smashed their entry time by 5 seconds in their medley relay. The girls also managed to grab a quick selfie with the Olympic British diver Tom Daley!

Overall the girls smashed it on the day taking 1st gaining 89 points with Mount Kelly receiving 71 points and Bishopsgate receiving 52 points. This marks the 34th year in a row Millfield has won the overall girls award.

While the girls were racing at the pool our boys got to enjoy a lie in and a trip to the shop to pick their lunch to eat at the pool while watching the girl’s finals. With a few hours to kill the boys came up with some entertainment learning card tricks and playing cards, with a general knowledge quiz to finish.

Swimmers where on their best behaviour and all did you proud! Looking forward to a fast day of racing.

The boy’s relays saw our Year 5 & 6 boys drop time on their free and medley relays, with the year 7’s & 8’s taking gold in both the 4x25m medley and freestyle relays. 

The boys also came out on top with 127 points, with Dulwich receiving 82 points and Yardley Court receiving 59 points.  

It was an awesome weekend seeing all the swimmer’s race at the Olympic pool with a great team atmosphere throughout the weekend. A massive thank you to all the swimmers, parents and volunteers that helped make the weekend possible.

Individual results:

Gold – Caleb Gifford-Groves (25m Brst), Adam Graham (50m Bk), Georgina Hawkins (50m Fr), Grace Olding (50m Brst), Richard Towers achieved a new IAPS RECORD (50m Brst)

Silver – Phoebe Armes (50m fr), Leo Ferguson (25m Fly), Frankie Hatchard (50m Bk), Sofia Knight (25m Fly), James Towers (25m Fly), Adam White (50m Bk),

Bronze -  Placings – Sydney Boyde 16th (50m Brst), George Charman 7th (50m Brst), Zac Cooper 6th (50m fr), Chizara Elechi 7th (25m Fly), Bianca Gomez- Velasco 12th (50m Brst), Richard Jenkins 4th (50m Fr), Oliver Newing 14th (25m Fly), Taylor Powell 7th (25m Bk), Oscar Ryland- Day 16th (50m Brst), Francesca Woollard (50m Bk)