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FLANDERS CUP (17th - 20th of January )

The mighty Millfield went on its annual foreign adventure to gain international exposure for our budding young talent. 


Dimitrios Tsaliagkos, Alice Chan, Izzy Renwick, Astrid Hannah, Tatiana Tostevin, Polly Painter, William Ellington, Sophia Wilson, Rachel Anderson, Will Mitchell, Ian Lauritzen, David Chang, Danilo Rosafio, Ioan Evans, Huw Williams, Davide Arioli, Ellie Kirkham, Jakob Goodman, Hamish Skillman, Tom Gambold, Candice Lam, Emma Harvey, Abigail Hurst, Daniel New, Jacob St Germain, Jakob Goodman, Simon Sweatman, Jessica Podger, Rupert Hague, Brodie Williams, Marcus Rodgers.


Coach Waddingham
Coach Dale
Coach Puddy
Coach Rhodes


This year we travelled to the International Flanders Cup in Antwerp, one of the hottest meets on the European circuit with extensive prize money. On Thursday the 17th of January we embarked on the 10-hour coach journey via the channel tunnel crossing from Folkestone to Calais. On Friday we went through some final preparations and familiarised ourselves with the environment, this cluded a luxury spa in the hotel facilities. Then the moment came, the moment that all the students had been waiting for, RACE day!! To say the tension was high would be an understatement. Our swimmers were lining up against some of the fastest swimmers in the world, swimmers who had won multiple medals at the Olympics, swimmers who had broken world records, swimmers who were ready to signal their intent to the rest of the world for the 2019 long course season.

The very premise of the competition is to expose our students to international waters and deal with tough conditions. Long days of travel followed by tough competition in the early season. The Millfield crew had no option but to step up in the heats session and try to push for places in the evening finals. In order to make the finals you had finish in the top 16 irrespective of age (top 8 into the A final and the remaining 8 into the B final). Yes, that is right, at meets like this this is no age category, it is an open field, racing against men and women from all over the world. The swimmers were briefed around taking responsibility for their own performance, following process, rationally reflecting and simply put to show the best account of themselves both in and out of the water. I am proud to say that the Millfield swimmers, as always, showed their character and stepped up to the occasion. Below you will see detailed results around finalists through the two-day competition. You can find the full results, HERE.

Saturday – Finalist

Brodie Williams – 100m Backstroke 4th A Final
Lily Booker – 400m IM 4th A Final
Rachel Anderson – 200m Backstroke 5th A Final
Davide Arioli - 800m Freestyle 7th A Final
Rachel Anderson – 8th 50m Backstroke B Final
Tatiana Tostevin – 5th 50m Backstroke B Final
Jakob Goodman – 1st 400m Freestyle B Final
Davide Arioli – 5th 400m Freestyle B Final

Sunday – Finalist

Ian Lauritzen – 7th 50m Backstroke B Final
Rachel Anderson – 1st 100m Backstroke B Final
Polly Painter – 6th 100m Backstroke B Final
Lily Booker – 7th 200m Breaststroke A Final
Will Mitchell – 3rd 100m Breaststroke B Final
Will Ellington – 5th 100m Breaststroke B Final
Sophia Wilson – 1st 200m IM B Final
Lily Booker – 7th 200m IM A Final
Abigail Hurst – 2nd 50m Breaststroke B Final
Lily Booker – 4th 50m Breaststroke B Final

Throughout the weekend we continued to build on our annual theme of direction, it was great to see the older more familiar students helping the younger cohort.  The group really bonded through the experience. Below you will see a short video highlighting the trip, thank you to coach Puddy for putting it together:

Millfield Swimming Team