Millfield Swimming News

Excitement in Exeter

On the weekend of the 7th & 8th of October, the Millfield army made their way to Plymouth for the annual Exeter Open Meet. 80 pupils across the prep and senior school went into combat in the historic green cap of Millfield; the first time for many! The emphasis of the meet was process; allowing students to focus on uniting as a team and following individual strategy. As always, the atmosphere in the Millfield team was one of relaxed and confident intensity. Following the ethos of “culture breeds success” the coaching staff managed to put the students under appropriate stress and they passed the tests with flying colours. For many this was the first racing opportunity of the year and the students showed true grit and determination to maximise each of their performances.

The senior school coaches were impressed with many elements of the weekend. The main focus of the year is creating positive behaviours. Being positive in the face of adversity, supporting team mates and having passion in all that you do. Many of the facility staff complimented our students on how well behaved they are and outlined we were the tidiest team on poolside. Throughout the course of the two days we won many events, set several personal bests, won numerous medals and came away with the top club award. But the overwhelming memory the coaching staff will take away is the desire the students showed, even after 16 hours on poolside across the two days, the students kept fighting for every inch. The mantra “create character first and performance will follow” was followed to a tee and this first meet of the season highlighted that we have a huge amount of character in our team.

With many competitions down the line we have highlighted some areas to work on. We have asked the students to reflect on their performance both in and out of the pool and challenge themselves to make any positive adjustments. The Exeter meet was a great starting point and now thoughts must turn to what’s next; who is going to step it up and make those all-important personal progressions. The passion on poolside this weekend was clear to see and the coaching staff look forward to seeing that passion continue to permeate into the training environment.

Because every time you get to wear the green cap, you want to add to the legacy behind it.