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Defending Champs kick off Arena League in Style.

Another year has passed and we have reached the most exciting time of the year; the beginning of the Arena League! Fresh off the back of a successful 2016/17 season, in which we secured our first Arena League win in 12 years, Millfield took to the water again in defence of the title.

The first round is always a fun occasion, with many swimmers having opportunities to stake their claim for a place in the later rounds and the team was buzzing as we took to the deck in Newport. Big Jack Tucker led the chant alongside Coach Vertigans and the team fully embraced the Year of Unity philosophy that has been instilled this year, joining together for the new tradition. Rachel Anderson and Jakob Goodman; two of our Junior internationals from the summer, started the meet with a bang, securing top 3 points for Millfield in their events and sending the team into a string of victories in the relays.

The points kept rolling in; with fantastic performances by the younger squads and the Prep school swimmers forming the foundation of a great team performance. Wins by Astrid Hannah, Polly Painter, Rhys Insley and David O’Loughlan and the most exciting comeback EVER by Melissa McCusker to win her relay, set the tone for a decisive and exciting victory for Millfield.

With fresh faces and some first time Millfield participants amongst the group, the energy was high and the coaches were all extremely impressed with the attitude and skills demonstrated by the team as a whole. Team Captains Max McCusker and Isabel Jones were extremely happy with the performance by the team and were particularly impressed with the vast potential in the prep school ranks. Check out our Instagram and Twitter on the links at the top of the page to see their interview in the next few days.


Onwards and upwards in the Year of Unity!!!!


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