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Millfield swimming went in force to the British Swimming Championships held in the beautiful Trollcross Aquatics Centre from the 16-21st of April. There was so much on offer and the swimmers of Millfield rose to the challenge. Here is the list of all 31 Millfield qualifiers: Dimitrios Tsaliagkos, David O’Loughlin, Alice Chan, Astrid Hannah, Izzy Renwick, Yasmine Hamerline, Tatiana Tostevin, Polly Painter, Calvin Fry, William Ellington, Stan Chasson, Alex Sargeant, Sean Tsai, Rachel Anderson, Sophia Wilson, Emma Harvey, Abbie Hurst, Lily Booker, Jessica Podger, Danilo Rosafio, Brodie Williams, Jakob Goodman, Santos Villalon, Ioan Evans, Hamish Skillman, William Mitchell, Huw Williams, David Chang, Ian Lauritzen, Jacob St-Germain. 

70x Individual Swims, 32x Finalists, 51x Lifetime Bests, 15x Millfield Records, 3x Senior Medals 

Daily Digest

Day 1 Heats: 
50m BR Alice Chan, Izzy Renwick, Lily Booker, Abbie Hurst (Millfield Record)
50m BK Ian Lauritzen, Brodie Williams (Millfield Record)
200m FR Rachel Anderson (Millfield Record), Jessica Podger 
400m FR Ioan Evans, Davide Arioli, Jakob Goodman, 
400m IM Lily Booker
100m BR William Ellington (Millfield Record), Will Mitchell, Dimitrios Tsaliagkos  

Day 1 Finalists: 
50m BR Alice Chan, Abbie Hurst (Millfield Record), 
200m FR Rachel Anderson (Millfield Record)
400m FR Ioan Evans, Jakob Goodman
100m BR Williams Ellington 

An unbelievable evening, Abbie Hurst setting a new Millfield record in the 50m breaststroke, Rachel Anderson winning the transition final in the 200m freestyle setting a Millfield record in the process, Jakob Goodman taking the transition in style and a superbly executed race and lifetime best, Lily Booker showed her grit during an epic transition 400m IM setting a new lifetime best, William Ellington storming to 100m breaststroke success with a new Millfield record. 


Day 2 Heats: 
50m BR Ian Lauritzen, William Ellington (Millfield Record), William Mitchell 
200m FLY William Ellington, Jakob Goodman
100m BK Polly Painter, Sophia Wilson, Tatiana Tostevin (Millfield Record), Rachel Anderson 
100m BK Ioan Evans, Brodie Williams 
200m BR Lily Booker, Alice Chan 
800m FR Rachel Anderson (Millfield Record) 

Day 2 Finalists: 
50m BR William Mitchell 
200m FLY Jakob Goodman 
100m BK Tatiana Tostevin, Rachel Anderson 
100m BK Brodie Williams 
200m BR Lily Booker (Millfield Record) 

Another top draw evening in Glasgow, Rachel storming to a 4th place finish in the women’s 800m freestyle and a new Millfield record, Mitchell showing his speed and power in the junior 50m breaststroke final, Tatiana & Rachel showing great backend speed in the girls junior 100m backstroke final, Brodie Williams storming to a fantastic fourth place finish in the 100m backstroke, Lily Booker highlighting her speed in the 2nd half of the race to finish 5th in 200m breaststroke in a new Millfield record time. 

Day 3 Heats: 
400m IM Jakob Goodman, Davide Arioli, Brodie Williams 
200m FLY Jessica Podger 
100m FR Ioan Evans, Huw Williams, Louis Barker 

Day 3 Finalists:
400m IM Jakob Goodman, Davide Arioli, Brodie Williams 
100m FR Ioan Evans, Louis Barker 

A little less quantity on the 3rd evening but the quality was through the roof. Davide opening up in the junior 400m IM with a lifetime best performance to make it a double dip for the day, Jakob flexing his muscles and versatility to win the transition 400m IM, Brodie winning the first senior medal in the championship finals, finishing 3rd in a fantastic time, just a little slower than Directors Dales best time. Ioan highlighting the need for the speed in the junior 100m freestyle final, OM Louis Barker utilised the benefits of his US base with the lifetime best performance in the transition 100m freestyle final. 

Day 4 Heats:
200m BK Tatiana Tostevin, Polly Painter, Sophia Wilson, Rachel Anderson 
100m FLY Huw Williams, Jakob Goodman 
100m FR Jess Podger
200m BR Dimitrios Tsaliagkos, William Ellington (Millfield Record), William Mitchell 

Day 4 Finalists:
200m BK Polly Painter, Rachel Anderson 
200m BR William Ellington, William Mitchell 

Another scintillating evening in the aquatics centre, Polly Painter fresh from her lifetime best heat performance showed mental resilience to double dip in the junior final, Rachel Anderson stormed through the field to finish 3rd in the transition final, William Ellington was the fastest in his age to nominate himself for the European Youth Olympics, William Mitchell highlighted efficient elegance to double dip in junior finals. 

Day 5 Heats: 
50m BK Polly Painter, Tatiana Tostevin, Astrid Hannah
50m FR Marcus Rogers, Huw Williams, Louis Barker 
400m FR Rachel Anderson (Millfield Record) 
200m IM Sophia Wilson, Lily Booker, Jessica Podger 

Day 5 Finalists: 
800m FR Davide Arioli 
50m BK Polly Painter, Tatiana Tostevin 
400m FR Rachel Anderson (Millfield Record) 
200m IM Lily Booker 

What an evening in the theatre of dreams, the students once again rose to the pressure of the arena. Davide setting a season best performance in the senior final of the 800m freestyle, Polly & Tatiana rounded off a great week with some pure speed in the junior and transition final respectively. Rachel showed how much of a versatile powerhouse she is to claim her first ever senior medal and post a time fast enough for the World Junior consideration in 400m freestyle. Lily Booker was once again on fire to finish in a huge personal best in the transition final. 

Day 6 Heats:
50m FLY Calvin Fry, Huw Williams
100m BR Lily Booker, Abbie Hurst, Alice Chan 
200m BK Alex Sargeant, Brodie Williams 
100m FLY Jessica Podger 
200m FR Huw Williams, Davide Arioli, Ioan Evans, Jakob Goodman 

Day 6 Finals: 
50m FLY Calvin Fry
100m BR Lily Booker, Abbie Hurst 
200m BK Brodie Williams 
200m FR Ioan Evans, Jakob Goodman 

Last one, FAST one! First up we had junior powerhouse Calvin Fry, after an epic heat performance he managed to hold his nerve in the junior final. Breaststroke duo Abbie Hurst & Lily Booker smashed their way through the transition final, both setting lifetime best performance. Brodie managed to claim Millfield’s 3rd senior medal with a front loaded 200m backstroke. The freestyle frenzy was next up with Jakob & Ioan, both managed to step up from heats to round off the meet for the mighty Millfield. 

Millfield Swimming Team