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Arena League Round 2!

On Saturday 10th November, Millfield Swimming ventured North Westerly to the Victorian seaside paradise of Weston-super-Mare, for the 2nd round of this year’s Arena Swimming League. Round 1 had seen a nail-biting finish; round 2 was promising to be equally as exciting, and with 2 teams from Cardiff competing, noisy to boot.

The Arena programme combines individual events with relays; it’s always great to see the additional seconds that these young athletes can find when their training partner is stood on the blocks, awaiting their finish.

The balcony was humming with pre-race excitement, mid-race animated support and post-race reflections. The team were keen to have discussions with coaches around pre-race tips, to allow them to race at their very best and analyse post-race, formulating plans to take back to training. A glance to the right, saw the parents glowing with pride, in awe of the effort and commitment that their children had amassed.

Throughout the competition, the lead exchanged, with athletes and spectators alike, raising their game and finding new levels of commitment.

Captain Harvey said “As always, the team really stepped up to the plate performance wise but I was most impressed with the team atmosphere and the support everyone gave each other” This was echoed by Captain Villalon who said “The whole team performed exceptionally well”
After 50 races, with the final points totals, Millfield’s swimmers had again treated the crowd to an exciting evening of racing. With the biggest individual improvements coming from Tatiana Tostevin and Solomon Williams, the squad once again celebrated another closely fought second place.