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Better is Better

Better is Better Imagine; if you will, being in a deep peaceful sleep. A sleep where you are in a dream so deep and comforting you wake up feeling better about life.

Millfield Rock into Regionals and Run Riot with a Rampage of Rapid Racing

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Millfield In Charge At The Head Of The Class At Champs

Millfield In Charge At The Head Of The Class At Champs 21 Swimmers; the Olympic aquatics Centre in London; talent bursting from the seams; bright lights and a captive audience; the stage was set for the Mighty Millfield to prove their worth once again. With such an array of swimmers qualifying for the meet this year; a record 21 across the different squads; the atmosphere in the Millfield camp was tangibly excited.


Millfield Conquer County Championships After a final long, sweaty and tiring weekend in the Millfield Pool, we have reached the culmination of the Somerset County Championships once again.

Millfield Zoom through Zany weather to Zero in on Zonals.

Millfield Zoom Through Zany weather to Zero in on Zonals As we trudged through the biting cold and the blizzard that had descended upon us, we looked around and realised that these were the people that would drive us forward; we were warriors, fighting against the elements to get to our goal, and nothing would stop us now… Once we had walked the 200m from the hotel to the London Aquatics Centre, we shook off the snow and entered the venue which hosted some of the greatest swims in Olympic history.