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NASL Cup Final Report

The 51st edition of the National Arena Swimming League's Cup Final took place on Sunday March 8th at Cardiff International Pool. In one of the closest finishes in recent years, Mount Kelly edged out runners-up Millfield by only 4 points, while Plymouth Leander took 3rd. On an individual level, Brodie Williams of Millfield took the top male swimmer prize, courtesy of his 100m back time of 55.81. That collected 801 FINA points.

At the start of the gala the atmosphere was electric with the stands full of bright, vibrant colours. Coach Dale gathered the Millfield team for a motivational chat. The team talk was exciting, our legacy at stake and the overiding message was when things get tough, Millfield always step up. And that we did!

BOOM... the races are underway with Lily B and Brodie W the first up, all eyes on them to secure a good start. Lily finished 2nd and Brodie 1st with a new personal best. What a start!!!

The RELAYS are underway, everyone loves a good relay… right?
Ethan P, Richard J, Leo F, Jonathan T LOVE IT, with bullet like performances they came out on top with with an overall time of 1:39.29! What a sight to see…
However, they weren’t the only ones that won by the tip of their fingers as Evan J, Solomon W, Dimitrios T, Calvin F POWERED through to dominate the 4x50 Freestyle Relay with a 1st and an overall time of 1:39.29.

Next to come out on top is the open category’s and these events always get people on the edge of their seats. Tatiana T, Lily B, Ciara M, Yasmine H produced an outstanding race thus being neck and neck with an opposing team from start to finish the excitement was flowing and these girls contained their emotions and used them to come out on top with a smashing time of 1:56.29. These girls raised the bar and should be very proud of their performance.
Brodie W, William M, Jakob G, Danilo R were in next endorphins are flying and the competition was close with the top 7 teams finishing within 5 seconds… we came out 2nd and the boys gave it their all with still an amazing time of 1:44.16!

Swimmers from the prep school were also there with some this Arena League final being their debut, inhaling the reactions from the crowd Eva L stormed through on the 50 Backstroke with a lovely 2nd to the collection and an overall time of 34.00!

Richard J who loves a race is in the pool and he went for it with no holding back, solid finish in 3rd with a successful race and a final time of 1:16.29. 

David O was on FIRE bringing home a 2nd and a swim he was happy with 59.73 on a solid 100m backstroke. Ciara M and Jakob G had tough opponents but that wasn’t going make them flinch once! SMASHING the under waters and this was a race that was not one to miss, both finished 2nd with an impressive 1:02.41 for Ciara and 55.26 for Jakob.

A super race to Ethan P who just missed out on a podium position but showed that he was there to step up with all 4 top swimmers finishing in less than half a second! 1:05.93 with a splendid performance.

The open category is back, and Brodie has his game face on… Powering on to the finish Brodie was no match for this competition with a 55.81 and 1st position Millfield was on fire! The excitement was high, and the pressure was on as the Prep school swimmers were next. As they look up to Brodie in amazement they knew what they had to do… Eva L and Caleb G-G showed the thousands watching online and in the arena what they’re made of Eva finishing 3rd with a 36.90 and Caleb with a rocketing 1st and a final time of 38.70.

Evan J was up next and didn’t disappoint with gritted teeth and self-discipline Evan secured a rapid 1st and 54.40 to add to his plate… what a swim! Lily B acknowledging of her mission ahead joining the 1st place tally 1:11.02.

Asta M showed a display of ultimate speed over the 50 and a spectacular swim 2nd place and an overall time of 29.38! Richard J completes his double with a 3rd in the 100 Freestyle chasing down his competition 59.30 overall.

Dimitrios T is one to be feared… one vision in mind and that is to be at the top, a technical difficulty at the start and noise levels having swimmers to stand down, did this sway his concentration and his mind set?  First 50m Dimitrios was touched out however the hunt was down and over swiftly and Dimitrios secured a 1st and a tidy time of 1:07.23.

RELAY TIME AGAIN! Everyone’s favourite, which team has the might to be victorious? 
Jack M, Caleb G-G, Oscar R-D, Oliver T showing that size doesn’t always matter, these boys put on a show that tested their opponents with a big effort and a strong 2nd to add with an overall time of 2:22.79. Georgina Hawkins, Zahra Davies, Nicole De Pree, Frankie placed 3rd with tough competition these girls should be proud to wear the Millfield name as they proved their worth with a class performance!

Richard J, Ethan P, Jonathan T, Leo F , have placed the Millfield name above all else and this freestyle relay wasn’t going to disappoint with a final position being 2nd and a 1:47.98 finish
As David O, Dimitrios T, Evan J, Calvin F were in the water hopes were high as Millfield were in the running at the top half of the table with places alternating after each swim. Millfield currently were 2nd overall and was needing these next events to be the best performances to date. David O, Dimitrios T, Evan J, Calvin F all proved when things get tough how to deal with them and coming out victorious with a 1st with a superb 1:49.14!

Determination faces were on as other teams were gaining disqualifications, Millfield maintained our reputation with 0 DQ’S and the points were close…

2:41.72 was the time for Ciara M, Yasmine H, Rachel A, Sophia W, Jessica P, Alice G, with a race that had no one left sitting. The scenery was intense as the race was so close just only if Alice had her manicure slightly longer, these girls managed a super job finishing 3rd!

Eruptions start in the arena as Danilo R, Jakob G, Brodie W, Stan C, Sean T, Ian L stand strong behind their lanes, the saying LAST ONE FAST ONE is repeating amongst the Arena… An eerie silence settled the Cardiff International Centre that felt almost supernatural… All eyes were on the boys in green to bring it home for the team, they fought hard and with some superhuman splits finishing with an overall position of 2nd and a final time of 2:22.33. 

The team was gathered together once more by coach Dale that announced how proud he was of each one of the swimmers from their amazing race abilities to their enthusiasm as a team to strive and be brilliant to become disruptors wearing vibrant paint and creating noise to get behind the team, He announced that they all should be proud of themselves to get behind something bigger than them and work together. Hands all went in as Millfieldians gathered around Coach Dale with a 3… 2… 1… MILLFIELD was roared!

On the day each swimmer, supporter and coach made a stand and proved a point that Millfield will maintain their legacy and will always be on top, to be noticed by all.


50 Events
102 Swims/ 51 Millfield Competitors
6 Staff

1st Place Finishes
Brodie Williams (200m IM) (100m Backstroke)
Ethan Payne, Richard Jenkins, Leo Ferguson, Jonathan Turck (4x50m Medley relay)
Evan Jones, Solomon Williams, Dimitrios Tsaliagkos, Calvin Fry (4x50m Freestyle relay)
Tatiana Tostevin, Lily Booker, Ciara Morris, Yasmine Hamerlaine (4x50m Medley relay)
Caleb Gifford-groves (50m Breaststroke)
Evan Jones (100m Freestyle)
Lily Booker (100m Breaststroke)
Dimitrios Tsaliagkos (100m Breaststroke)
David O’Loughlin, Dimitrios Tsaliagkos, Evan Jones, Calvin Fry (4x50m Medley Relay)

2nd Place Finishes
Lily Booker (200m IM)
Brodie Williams, William Mitchell, Jakob Goodman, Danilo Rosifo (4x50m Medley Relay)
Eva Lawson (50m Backstroke)
David O’Loughlin (100m Backstroke)
Ciara Morris (100m Butterfly)
Jakob Goodman (100m Butterfly)
Asta Maddox (50m Freestyle)
Jack McMeekin, Caleb Gifford Groves, Oscar Ryland Day, Oliver Tomlinson (4x50m Medley relay)
Richard Jenkins, Ethan Payne, Jonathan Turck, Leo Ferguson (4x50m Freestyle Relay)
Danilo Rosafio, Jakob Goodman, Brodie Williams, Stan Chausson, Sean Tsai, Ian Lauritzen
(6x50m Freestyle Relay)

3rd Place Finishes
Richard Jenkins (100m Breaststroke) (100m Freestyle)
Eva Lawson (100m Breaststroke) 
Georgina Hawkins, Zahra Davies, Nicole De Pree, Frankie Hatchard (4x50m Freestyle Relay)
Ciara Morris, Yasmine Hamerlaine, Rachel Anderson, Sophia Wilson, Jessica Podger, Alice Goudby
(6x50m Freestyle Relay)

3 School Records
David O'Loughlin 50m backstroke 27.19
OPEN GIRLS 6x50m Freestyle Relay 2:41.72
OPEN GIRLS 4X50m Medley Relay 1:56.29