Ellie Devine: Office Superstar



Before taking 18 years off to raise her family of 6 children, Ellie worked in Personnel – or HR as it is now known.  She has 9 grandchildren, the most recent arriving in July 2013 so her family keeps her pretty busy!  She is also an ardent football fan and has supported the Mighty Spurs since childhood, which has, at times, proved interesting in a household of Manchester United supporters!

Ellie’s been at Millfield since 2004 and can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by and how many changes the department has undergone.  She arrived knowing absolutely nothing about the world of swimming, and has enjoyed finding out more and more over the years but admits there is still plenty to learn! Ellie says she loves working in the Swimming Department – “it’s a very chilled out place to be, even when the pressure is on”.

Ellie’s Interesting Fact:

Ellie's second cousin was the actor Sir Rex Harrison.