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TYR Super Series (Level 2)

This weekend (18-20th October) is our first Millfield & Team Bath AS Super Series. Entries to this meet have closed, it promises to be a packed and exciting programme of early season racing, including our famously celebrated Hot Heats!!!

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#YoL (Year of Legacy)

Millfield is recognised as one of the top clubs in Great Britain

Millfield swimming has produced 24 Olympians in its short history and has had a swimmer at every Olympics since 1968 including champions like Duncan Goodhew and Mark Foster. We continually produce international, national and regional champions year on year. This is done through the use of our international level coaches and Olympic standard facilities. 

Swimming at Millfield provides individuals a platform from which they discover, enjoy – and conquer – the realms of competition. Along the way, swimmers learn lifelong skills such as effective time management, dedication and goal setting – all of which transfer to successful adult life.

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